Exam Information

We offer every student the opportunity to participate in assessments in either the Royal Academy of Dance [RAD] Asia Pacific Dance Association [APDA]. 

Students are able to take examinations in Ballet, Contemporary, Highland, Jazz & Tap. Exams are for serious students willing to practice and work hard to achieve the standard required to pass international exams. 

Exams Dates 2022

RAD Vocational Mock Exam - 24th July 
RAD Vocational Exam - 8th August

RAD Grades Mock Exam - 6th and 7th August
RAD Grades Exam - 23rd and 24th  August

APDA Mock Exam 2023 TBC
APDA Grade Exam 2023 TBC

Ballet Exam Information

Exam registrations for RAD have closed

APDA Exam information

Exam registrations for APDA have closed

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