We offer every student the opportunity to participate in assessments in either the Royal Academy of Dance [RAD] Asia Pacific Dance Association [APDA] or New Zealand Association of Modern Dance [NZAMD]. From Exams to Ribbons there is something for everyone and there is an expectation at DanceWorks that students do at least one form of assessment.

Assessment Types


Students are able to take examinations in Ballet, Jazz, Tap & Hip Hop. Exams are for the serious student willing to practice and work hard to achieve the standard required to pass international exams through The Royal Academy of Dance [RAD]; Asia Pacific Dance Association [APDA] and a national standard with New Zealand Association of Modern Dancing [NZAMD].

Solo Performance

This is offered by the RAD and only available to Ballet students, this can be done as an extra on top of exams or as an ulternative to exams.

Ribbon Day

This is for any student wishing to perform solo, duo or group! in costume and on stage every student will receive a ribbon for their efforts. Ribbons will be available in Ballet, Jazz, Tap, Hip Hop & Contemporary from all ages and grades. A gala evening will be held that evening for the highest marks in each age category ..... this is new to DanceWorks in 2016.

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Exam Day

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