Hair & Makeup Tool Kit

Please search in the DWS Parents Face book page for my video tutorial on make up

Concert Make-Up

Primary and Intermediate School Students : Make up for this group is foundation, blush, grey/brown eyeshadow, mascara, eyeliner and red lipstick. See tutorial here: 

 Senior Makeup: see tutorial here:

Hair Tutorials

  • Messy Bun
  • Pre Primary & Primary
  • Classical Ballet Bun
  • Loose twist to bun

Messy Bun

  1. Make a high pony
  2. simply twist all or sections of the hair and pin in place
  3. use a lot of spray!
Used often in Jazz, Tap & Contemporary

Pre-Primary & Primary Ballet

Part the hair down centre from front to back……..take care and get it right!

Loosely tie the parted hair into piggy tails just to keep hair out of the way
Start on one side and neaten piggy tail until it sits diagonally above the ear (roughly) get all the lumps and bumps out, the do the other side make sure it matches height and placement wise keep undoing and spraying and combing bumps out until it is neat and equal (I normally redo each pony tail twice to get it perfect).

Plait each ponytail right to the end and tie

Cross and pin the plaits down across the head, wrap the ends around the elastic bands to hide them and pock ends under plait.
Secure plaits with hair net, this will need to be doubled over

Pin with bun pins until it won't move

Finally add the flowers that I will give you on exam day - please remember to return all hair flowers and numbers!

Ballet Grades 1-6 - Classical Bun

Video A is very clear but doesn't emphasise that the bun must be high and flat - see image below 
Video B demonstrates the large flat aspect and the end product is what you want to achieve

Placement of bun:

Jazz, Tap & Musical Theatre - Messy Bun

Start with a tidy high pony-tail (similar alignment as the classical bun). Take sections of hair from the pony-tail and pin around, forming a messy bun. Use bobby pins and hairspray to secure. Photo to come.

Contemporary - Low Pony with Middle Part

Part hair in the middle, pull both sides together at the nape of then neck and secure with a hair tie of similar colour to your hair.

Hip Hop - Low Pony

Brush hair back and secure at the nape of then neck with a hair tie of similar colour to your hair. 

Highland - High Bun

Start with a high pony-tail (similar alignment as the classical bun). Twist hair around hair tie and use bobby pins and hairspray to secure. Photo to come.

Hair Spray
Hair Spray

Essential to smoothing any fly-aways!

Basic Brush
Basic Brush

This is only good for getting nots out, it doesn't give a good finish.
Hair net vs Bun net
Hair net vs Bun net

Hair nets are best as you can twist them to go over the hair twice, providing much better shape to the hair.

Bun Pins vs Bobby Pins
Bun Pins vs Bobby Pins

Bobby Pins (top): used to anchor head pieces, tidy short bits of hair and anchor thick hair in a bun
Bun Pins (bottom): are used to shape and hold buns

Hair Ties
Hair Ties

Please get the colour closest to your hair colour
Bristel Brush
Bristel Brush

These brushes save time and add a nice finish to your hair

Brittle Brush with tail comb tail
Brittle Brush with tail comb tail

The perfect combination of a brush and tail comb! If you can get one of these you won't need both a tail comb and a bristle brush

Tail comb
Tail comb

This is essential when parting hair

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