Fees - What does it cost?

Please read all the information regarding fees as some things may have changed.

2024 Fees

$10 administration fee per child (up to first 3 in the family), this is a one off payment to cover administration and access to our private online tools. 

30 min classes $120 per term
45 min classes $130 per term
60 min classes $140 per term
75 min classes $150 per term

Ballet charged at the min per class rate and then the below discount applied:
Grade 1 to 6 - 2 classes qualify for a discount of $30.00
Vocational - 2 classes qualify for a discount of $30.00
Take a 3rd Vocational class and get an extra discount of $15.00

Dedication discount $875.00 Unlimited classes per term- that's right we cap our costs! 
Note: Open, Strength & Conditioning and Performance Plus classes are not included in the Dedication Discount.

Performance Plus - This is a cost of $70.00 per group per term and does not include the costume required for the group.

Strength and Conditioning - 60 min class $90.00 per term

Multi Student Discount -
There is a small discount to families with 2 or more children at the studio. This will be applied to your account once you are enrolled.

Invoices will be sent two weeks before the end of the term. Fees can be paid by cash/EFTPOS in the office or via internet banking or the Danceworks App.

If you are wanting to pay off your fees over the term, then payments need to start 2 weeks before the end of the term. Please see more information below.

DanceWorks guarantees 8 weeks of teaching per term, any extra weeks are a bonus. We do not run classes on Public holidays. 

Payment Options and Terms and Conditions

There are 2 ways you can pay for fees, termly or payment plans are available

Termly: You will be invoiced two weeks before the end of each term for the following term. The payment is then due by the first day of the term. 

Payment Plans: You will be invoiced two weeks before the end of each term. You will need to email admin@danceworks.co.nz to setup a payment plan for the term. Payment for the term will need to be started the first week of the school holiday's and term fees will need to be cleared within 10 weeks as per schedule below.

Important Please Note:
Missed payments will incur a $5.00 late fee per class per week of non payment.
Overdue fees including payment plans setup, and not finishing by the allotted end of term payment date will incur the weekly $5 late fee until accounts are cleared.
Students will not be able to be enrolled in a new term/year if there is any outstanding monies on your account. 
Continued non payment of payment plans will result in you being declined for Payment Plan as an option.
Performing in the end of year show requires all accounts to be up to date.
Continuous non payment of fees will result in outstanding fees being recovered from an external debt collection service and costs will be on charged.

Payment plans will be as follows

Term 1 invoices Sent out 8th January 2024

Payment in full due by 29th January 2024

Payment plans must start by 15th Jan and finish by 18th March (10 weeks)

Term 2 invoice sent out 25th March 2024

Payment in full due by 29th April 2024

Payment plan must start 15th April and finish by 17th June 2024 (10 weeks)

Term 3 invoice sent out 24th June 2024

Payment in full due by 22nd July 2024

Payment plan must start 8th July and finish by 16th September 2024 (10 weeks)

Term 4 invoice sent out 23rd September 2024

Payment in full due by 14th October 2024

Payment plan must start 30th October and finish by 2nd December 2024 (10 weeks)

Exams, Performance Plus & concert costumes will be billed separately. Final date for all account fees at end of year is the 2nd December 2024. Fees must be paid n full to collect costumes and participate in the concert. 

Dance is considered a year long commitment and therefore any changes in class or withdraws must be discussed before a term commences.

Account Details

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