What is Lyrical?

Lyrical dance is an ever-evolving, emotive form of movement that combines jazz, ballet, and contemporary technique. Lyrical is unique in its focus on the strong, emotional connection the dancer and choreographer interprets from a song's lyrics.

This fluid, graceful style concentrates on an individual approach and expressiveness of emotions such as love, joy, hurt, or anger.

How do we teach Lyrical at Danceworks?

Open classes, especially for older dancers, are important for choreography memorisation and retention, quick recall, and audition preparedness.

Our lyrical syllabus includes a mix of open work, improvisation, partner work, and level-appropriate technical training that builds upon previously learned skills. Combinations and/or specific technical exercises within each class may repeat for a number of weeks in a row, or depending on the progression and skill level of the dancers, new combinations may be taught weekly.

Each class will be delivered with a strong focus on musicality, individual interpretation, and emotional expression through the movement. 


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