Hip Hop is FUN, so if your little one can't sit still because he/she just wants to dance then this would be the class! While we do offer Exam & Competition work it is not compulsory!


Hip Hop 5-7yrs
Thursday 3.45-4.15

Hip Hop 8-10yrs
Wednesday 4.45-5.45

Hip Hop 10+ Development
Thursday 3.45-4.30

Hip Hop 10+ Advanced
Thursday 4.30-5.15

Hip Hop 14+ Snr
Thursday 5.15-6.15

Uniform List
Rockstar pants with Teal mystique foil insert
CW014/CW07 are acceptable
Droptail tee in black with teal mystique foil insert
Optional Linear Crop in Teal Mystique foil


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