Pre School Uniform

Petite Petals & Rhythmic Rascals

Pink Amelia Tutu
Ballet Tights
Ballet Shoes

Black or white t-shirt
Black or white rugby shorts
Black or white Ballet shoes

Mini Movers, Twinkle Toes, Budding Ballerinas & Jazz Bugs

Purple Amelia Tutu
Ballet Tights
Ballet Shoes

Black or white t-shirt
Black or white rugby shorts
Black or white Ballet shoes

Pre-Primary and Primary

Pink Leo
Mini Wrap Skirt
Ballet tights
Ballet Shoes

Choosing the skirt size
the legths of skirt needs to me mid hamstring to back of knee at the longest and just under the bottom at the very shortest

e.g Size 6 Leo with XS skirt is common

Grade 1-5, Vocational & Other Genres

Grade 1- 5 Ballet

Black Leotard of any style 
Ballet tights
Ballet Shoes

If your child is sitting exams then they will require exam uniform in the following colours:
Grade 1-5 - Mulberry Leotard, Character Skirt, Character Shoes
Vocational - Port Leotard, Variation Skirt (Port Tutu or Basque Skirt)

We will have exam sets of uniform available to hire for their exams, however you will need to supply your own character shoes.

Lyrical & Hip Hop

Black Leotard
Black wrap skirt if preferred but not essential 

Hip Hop
Black danceworks t-shirt
Black leggings, shorts or hot pants

Jazz, Tap, Contemporary, Musical Theatre, Acro & Highland

Back Leotard - Molly Leotard is perfect for these genres
Black Hot Pant Shorts or Black Bike Shorts

Shoe Requirements:
Jazz - Tan Jazz shoes
Tap - Tan Tap shoes (girls)
Tap - Black Tap shoes (boys)
Highland - Black Highland pumps and white knee high socks.

Boys Uniform


White male leotard
Black leggings
White socks
Black or White Ballet shoes

If you are sitting an exam the shoes will need to be white.

Jazz, Tap, Contemporary, Musical Theatre, Acro & Hip Hop

Hip Hop 
Black danceworks t-shirt
Black shorts

Jazz, Tap, Contemporary, Musical Theatre & Acro
Black fitted top short sleeved
Black shorts

Where can I purchase my uniform

Pre- School uniform can be purchased from the Studio or Sugar Plum Fairy Shop
All other uniform can be purchased from Sugar Plum Fairy Shop.
You can also purchase your uniform second hand, our second hand page is DWS Buy & Sell.

Uniform Information 2022

We understand that changing uniforms through the grades becomes expensive and we are wanting to try and reduce costs for parents where we can. 

Moving forward we are wanting to make the uniform consistent across the school, however this will be a gradual process and the uniforms currently worn can continue to be worn until they have grown out of them. 
When it is time for replacement, all you need to do is purchase the following  (second hand or new):

When picking a leotard please think about the genre of dance as not all leotards will work with Jazz/Acro moves as they are very physical. We will not be requiring the leotards/hot pants to have the logo, however if you have one with it then again this is fine.

From 2022 we will have a studio set of leotards and character/variation skirts for exam time for students to hire for a small fee instead of having to source your own. Students will need their own footwear and tights.

As your student grows out of their Mulberry or Port leotards or character skirts/skirts, if they are in excellent condition then please see admin as we may be interested in purchasing them.

We will be organising a DWS hoodie/vest/t-shirt each year that can be purchased if you wish, our first one will be in Term 1.

Again please remember this is not an overnight change, it is an ongoing process and not designed to cost you more money. Any questions please email


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