Where do I start my child?

The best place to begin dancing is in our beautiful, vibrant and energetic preschool classes, these classes nurture your child's love of dance by being structured to tech movement before form. Here is the list of pre school classes starting in 2020

Pre School Classes

Rhythmic Rascals
Turns 2 between 1 Jan - 1 June

Twinkle toes 
Turns 3 between 1 Jan - 1 June

Budding Ballerinas 
Turns 4 between 1 Jan - 1 June

Jazz Bugs 
3-5 Year olds

Tiny Hoppers
3-5 Year olds

Tiny Tumblers
3-5 Year olds

Wee Highlanders
3-5 Year olds

DanceWorks teaches both boys and girls great technique! Your child will gain the correct posture, flexibility and strength needed - and most of all a sense of self confidence.


What if my child is already older than 5?

I myself started at close to 7 so there need to start at 3 all children need to run their own race so just start them when they are ready. Once they are 5 classes become a little more formal and classes are available in Ballet, Jazz, Hip Hop & Tap. We allow children to trial classes and as many as they need to make the right decision. Ballet is traditionally the best place to start as it give the students the best grounding from there they can move anywhere across the the genres.

You can read more about our other classes 

What if my child doesn't like Ballet?

The next best style to encourage them into is Jazz. It is still disciplined but a whole heap of fun. There is also set work especially for boys, in all styles, to develop their co-ordination and strength! Tap & Hip Hop can be studied from 5 years of age and kids love it. 

But my child does not want to sit examinations and just wishes to dance for fun, what then? *please note exams are only available for children over the age of 5

That's fine not everyone is into exams, however doing some form of assessment is a good idea. 

What should my child wear to class?

All our uniform is available from the Sugar Plum Fairy shop, however we can liaise with SPF for you and pop your order in for you ...they will contact you when the item is available.


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