What are competitions?

Competitions are a wonderful way of building confidence and performance ability, they are held at a local, regional or national level. You choose where and how many competitions you enter. Most children start with one dance and add more later, all entry forms are posted here or on the studio notice board.

What do I need to do if I am interested?

Talk to your teacher about learning a dance, they will advise you on what style is most appropriate, and what competition is the best goal.

Teachers Available for Solo/Duo Competition Work

We have many teachers who would love to help you with any questions or choreography:

Marika Harvey
Brooke Roydhouse
Alaina Sims
Charlie Gilmour
Taryn Baxter
Tianii-jade Simmons
Grace Sollitt
Emma-Katte Johnston
Abby-Rose Bailey
Shelley Easton
Nicola Morrison
Louise Baker
Alexia Clarke

Private Lesson Etiquette

Solo's and Duo's what you need to know...

Private Lessons

  • Students will approach the teacher they wish to learn the dance from.
  • Students discuss with the teacher what they would like to learn and by the costs involved.
  • A studio will need to be booked through our Studio Hire page or with for use at the private lesson. Discuss with the teacher whether you will need to book this or they will do it
  • Students will pay the teacher the fee discussed, this needs to be on the day or prior to the lesson. Please be advised if you have not paid for your lesson you will be unable to book another with the teacher. 24 hours notice is required for cancellation of the lesson, if you do not show up for the lesson or cancel the lesson within the 24 hours notice period you will need to pay for this lesson in full. 
  • The teacher will have the music ready for the lesson
  • Students are to have practiced before they come to the lesson (otherwise it is a very expensive practice session) if it is not a first lesson.
  • Lessons can be for competition dances or exam work.
  • 24hrs notice is required to the teacher if the lesson has to be cancelled.


Your teacher will talk to about what they think will suit the dance, costumes can be borrowed, hired or made for you by a seamstress.

Costumes need to be approved by the teacher before they go onstage to ensure that they are appropriate for the dance.

The recommended seamstress is Lauren and her details can be given to you on request.

Entering into Competitions

Entering competitions is like trying to buy tickets to a popular concert!

Most competitions have online entry forms you will need to fill in. We put links to these up on the DWS parents Facebook page when we get emailed them so that everyone knows when and how to enter them.

It is important you read the syllabus for each completion as they all vary.

You will need to enter all the information for your child including the studios information then select the dances they will be competing in.

The teacher who choreographed your dance will need to see the dance before you attend the competition to ensure that the dance and costuming is correct. So please make sure that you have booked time with them prior to the competition.

We are hoping to have a "show" day once a term, where all our performers can show their dances in costume to parents and other performance students. This will help if they have never performed in front of anyone before.

We will advise when this can go ahead.

PACANZ - 2017

This was our mixed genre performance at nationals we had 37 performers on the stage!
Such a highlight.


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