How to enrol?

Depending on how ready you are to enrol here are the diferent procedures to follow

Still Not Sure?

Its a big decision choosing the right dance school for you, as all the dance schools in the area have different strengths and cater to different wants & needs, Therefore, I welcome you to come and see the studio and have a talk face to face.

Can we try a class?

Yes of course! In fact I highly recommend trying classes before you sign up as we want to make sure your child is in the right class for them so that they may feel confident and ready for the challage to try new things.

Request a time by contacting us

Sign me up!

That's wonderful and we are glad to have you as part of our studio!

You can fill out the online enrolment form here
You can also find the class you want to enrol in and sign up for the class email list

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