Performance + Programme

DWS offers a training programme dedicated to talking dancers to the next level.  if you are interested in this opportunity you must apply directly to Marika by emailing


These dancers are a reflection on the studio and their hard work is our reward and is why we are prepared to wear the majority of the cost. The programme cost to you is $100 per term. Other costs such as uniform, costumes, solo competitions & private lessons will be extra.  


Performance + leotard
Ballet tights-convertible (if you are a ballet student)
Black wrap skirt (If you are a ballet student)
Black danceworks shorts 
Ballet shoes & Jazz Shoes (This would be nice to have both but use what you have)

RAD uniform black & black
With Performance + logo
Ballet & Jazz Shoes


As dancers, we perform, therefore all members of the Performance + programme are expected to complete solo work, you only need to start small with one or two local competitions with one dance at least.
Solos are taught privately by booking through when you book we will set up a time with a teacher, where your child will learn their dance it usually takes 2-3 lessons then it is up to the student to practice. Students should see a teacher for a private at least 2 weeks prior to any competition.  
We have specifically asked you to join this program because we believe your child has talent.

Programme Structure

The Students will be split into 3 groups; Junior, Intermediate & Senior. The groups will be split by ability not age. Alaina, Brooke, Karli & I will run this programme. Below is a very rough draft of the timetable. 
This will start term 4 and take the place of current Competition groups. Further info about competition groups will be notified at a later stage once we have worked it all out. 


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