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Who likes going to the gym??? I sure don't! I feel all awkward and out of place, and I have a degree in this stuff. As a dancer I have always done resistance training, it's essential when maintaining a strong well functioning body. I have never enjoyed the gym and although ballet/dance is an amazing work out our focus in class was always technique not conditioning or cardio.
So why not combine some of my favourite things?

This class is a mix of Dance, Pilates (but faster), Yoga (not as hard) and good music! Lets burn the fat together, build more efficient muscle and have some fun while doing it!

Unlimited classes for $20 per week

*starting July 22nd for a limited time

Whats in this class?

Warm Up
We start with a warm up, this is a pretty good work out on its own, in fact one of the first challenges you will get will be to do this warm up every everymorning for a week!

Arm Weights
Time to tone those arms, if your really into this then get yourself some light weights, start with 1kg and move up when it becomes easy. I got mine from Kmart!
Remember resistance training builds efficient fat burning muscle, the more you do the more efficient your body becomes and it produces results much faster!
Ab work & Stretching
After all that hard work there is nothing better than a good stretch....but not before toning that tum! this will be a lovely stregthing set you can do anywhere.


These classes are $15 per class or $115 per term. If your interested then come along the fist class for the term is Monday 24th of July and ends in September.

If you would like to join this class please request a trial or enrol NOW!

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$20 per week for Unlimited classes
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