DW Pre School Programme

Thank you for stopping by! Watching the littlest members of our studio dance around the studios each week is such a highlight. There is so much joy in watching them embark on what may become a life long passion...

As many of you will be new to this dance thing I want you to know that we are here at anytime to answer your questions and help you find the right classes for you and your child.

So where do we start!

Choosing the right class for your child

Your child (or you) may have a clear idea of what they will enjoy. If that's the case then please skip along and chose that style...if you are a little unsure or don't really know the difference between these styles please take the time and read the descriptions but in our view you just can't beat trialing the classes!

Ballet Based

Rhythmic Rascals
Turn 2 between Jan 1 - June 1
Saturday 9.00-9.30

Twinkle toes
3 & 4 year olds
Wednesday 1.30-2.00

Petite Princesses
Turn 4 between June 1 - Dec 31 2017 Ballet
Saturday 10.30-11.00

to frilly for your child...try the jazz bassed classes

Jazz Bassed

Shining Stars
Turn 3 between Jan 1 - June 1 Jazz
Saturday 9.00-9.30

Petite Starlets
Turn 4 between Jan 1 - June 1 Jazz
Saturday 9.45-10.15

Jazz Bugs
Turn 5 between Jan 1 - June 1 Jazz
Saturday 10.30-11.00

to sparkly for your child...try the Hip Hop bassed classes

Hip Hop Based

Tiny Hoppers
Turn 3 & 4 years Hip Hop
Saturday 11.15-11.45
"Dancing teaches so much more than the simple ability of movement – it is an art that aids children in self-confidence, perseverance and focus. My teachers always knew just how much to push me and made me realise that hard work beats talent, when talent doesn't work hard. The virtues ingrained into me by DanceWorks facilitated my academic success at PNGHS (receiving Dux and Dux Artium). I have never found my passion more than when I was at this studio."
- Chaolan Zheng former student

Contact us!

If you would like to book a trial class or ask any questions please contact us!

All pre school classes are $100 per term

Pre school classes are on a term by term basis, the $100 is the VIP price if fees are paid before the start of term. If you start part way through a term we can accommodate this.

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