Post Natal Exercise Classes (Pre Natal coming soon)

All new to DanceWorks! As a mother of three I feel it is the perfect time to introduce these classes. The main objective of these classes is to provide support, knowledge & fitness to mums.


The aim with these exercise classes is to provide a support network, both during class and after. After class you are encouraged to stay for Coffee down the road at stage door (effectively starting our own coffee group) Exercise classes will provide a nice mix of first time mums, along with mums of more than one child as once a week an optional group walk will prove the perfect opportunity for our mums from both pre natal and post natal classes to mix.
Mums supporting mums!


With a degree in Sport & Exercise: Majoring in prescription & training from Massy University I am able to provide a secure exercise programme, having gained a degree in Sport and Exercise: Majoring in Prescription and training I am able to specifically modify training exercise for pregnancy.
The female body undergoes some phenomenal changes while pregnant and after so I felt more knowledge was needed first, so recently I completed my certificate with Dancing through pregnancy a programme run in the USA by a leading Dr in the field of health and exercise during pregnancy.
Lastly having been through 3 pregnancies I have had such a different experiences between them all including having had Gestational Diabetes with all three.
Along with our exercise session you will receive pregnancy related tips and information not often talked about or know how you find out later how much they don't tell you about being pregnant.


Programmes include 2 sessions a week Monday & Thursday at 10.00
(there is a possibility of setting up a walking group)

Do this for you! the benefits of looking after yourself will help you be the Mum you want to be!

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