Welcome and thank you for choosing DanceWorks Studios we hope you find this information helpful as I know for many the world of dance can be rather daunting 

Where to start?
Below are a series of links, PDFs, Tips & Blogs to help you settle in there is a lot of information to take in so I have tried to order it in a way that the most important information first.   
HINT - copy this web link and save it somewhere as it is secret page only for enrolled parents if you do loose it ask admin@danceworks.co.nz for it.

Where to go?

Palmerston North 
when you arrive at 60 King St you will notice we have 2 studios upstairs (1 & 2)  & 2 downstairs (4 & 5)
Ballet, Contemporary & some Jazz  is  upstairs whereas Tap, Highland, some Jazz & Hip Hop are downstairs. The Office & front desk are upstairs so please pop up if your lost, we try to have someone on the desk at all times but if not please just ask someone I'm sure they will help you.

Classes are held at St. Johns Church hall the address is 16 Camden Street just drive past the main church off the driveway and the hall is the building behind it.

Does my child need to have the uniform for the first lesson?
Once enrolled you do need to get the uniform but this can take some time to order in, we understand this so we do allow a grace period until it arrives just wear easy to move in tight clothing no jeans, skirts or school uniforms.

What do we expect on our first lesson?

For each child this will be different it depends on dance genre, age and when in the year they start. So here are a few common things to keep in mind. HERE

Contact Us!

For all questions/absences please contact admin@danceworks.co.nz


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