Extra Rehearsals

Part of the magic of show is seeing something for the first time. This is why we ask parents not to stay for any extra rehearsals, with the exception of parent helpers. We also just don't have to room to fit everybody in the room at once.

Food …please ensure students who have long rehearsals have water or at least their own cup (we have a water cooler) and food with them.

Act Rehearsals

November 16 - JTTP - 2.00pm start

Please arrive 30mins before your call time

2:00-3:00 (la Sylphide 3.00-3.30)

1.1 000 Dawn
1.2 1296 Scottish Wars
1.3 1500 Court dance
1.4 1776 American Revolution
1.5 1789 Siege of paris
1.6 1832 La Sylphide (3:00-3:30)
1.7 1840 Can Can  

1.8 1870 Hours
1.9 1890 Irish in New York
1.10 1914 Nurses of WW1
1.11 1920 Roaring 20s
1.12 1930 The Great Depression
1.13. 1940 WW2
1.14 1950 Rock’n’roll

4:30-5:30 (Balanchine 5.30-6.00)
1.15 1960 Fossie
1.16 1970 Disco
1.17. 1970. Balanchine (5:30-6:00)
1.18 1980 Nuclear Free New Zealand
1.19 1990 Fresh Prince
1.20 2000  
1.21 now. Bitter earth

This weeks rehearsal will be run in chronological order this may not be the shows running order here is a list of groups in chronological order 


If you are unsure of what your child is in please see the timetable 

November 23 - Cinderella - 2.00pm start

Please arrive 30mins before your call time

Act 1: 2.00-3.30pm
Act 2: 3.30-4.30pm
Act 3: 4.30-5.30pm (may finish earlier)

*JTTP = Journey Through Time Past

Mass Rehearsals 30th Nov /1st Dec

All students required at Mass Rehearsals

November 30th 2019

            9.00am    Act 1
            11.00am  Act 2
            1.00pm    Act 3
            2.00pm  JTTP
            4.00pm  Finish

            *Mass Rehearsals replace all saturday classes, no pre school as
they finished last week

Please arrive 30 mins before your call time

December 1st 2019

            9.00am    Cinderella Finale
            10.00am     Act 1
            10.45am     Act 2
            11.15am     Act 3

            2.00pm      JTTP
            4.00pm      Finish

Please arrive 30 mins before your call time

Concert Week 2nd - 6th

Monday 2nd Dec -
Tuesday 3rd Dec-
Wednesday 4th Dec-


Saturday & Sunday

Cinderella starts 1:30 

JTTP starts at 6.00

Students must arrive at the studio with hair and makeup done no later than 12:30pm and 5.00pm respectively

Dress Rehearsal Timetable

Drop off & Pick up Instructions


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