Adult classes

DWS no longer manages adult classes.  Our teachers have taken over the management of their classes. For more information please contact them.

Adult Classes

What are you waiting for? Do something for you!

Thursday 7-8pm 
Please contact Karli 


Jazz, Musical Theatre, Contemporary
Please contact Taryn

Adult Classes

Why Start now?

Because its FUN! I can't say the thought of going to the gym makes me fact it's kind of the opposite. If you want to keep fit then I think you need to enjoy what you do!

Dance exercise is fantastic because dance covers all aspects of exercise and you get to do it in a group environment and make friends at the same time.

Apart from exercising the body dance exercises the brain, and many studies have proven that this is important in delaying things like dementia later in life. As adults, we need to be especially smart about our ageing bodies. I'm sure you have all been told of the nasty conditions that come with age, and we all know we need to exercise but why do it alone?

Going for a run or walk is useful but what we offer is a great class the combines exercise and dance. Not to mention the brain, remember that needs exercising too!

If you're keen to try it but are a bit shy then drag a friend along, as everyone gets to try a class before committing to a term. If you don't believe me about the making friends part, then you should check out Bubbles after class.


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