Inspiring others

You may not have noticed the poster on the wall as you arrive at Danceworks, and if you have, you'd be forgiven for not stopping to read it as I know drop off and pick ups can be a rush. I’d like to take a moment to start a DanceWorks Studios value series that explains some of the principles that our studio holds in high regard. We are committed to excellence in both teaching and results, and by encouraging dedication and determination, our students are uplifted and learn to honour others. They are inspired & strive to inspire others in their creative journey.

When I first started teaching, I remember clearly wanting to change the negative culture between the seniors and juniors. I myself remember the older girls as being these graceful swans who I wanted to be like some day. Unfortunately, some of those girls acted like real swans, and it destroyed my illusion. Later, when I met my first originals, I made it very clear to them that the little ones adored and respected them, that they wanted to be like them. It was a desire to foster positive relationships amongst all of my students that led to our tradition of having the older students serve as class helpers. A large majority of our ever-growing preschool classes have assistant teachers in the room, and it fills me with such pride that our little volunteers are creating those bonds. When Miss Alaina put a call out for helpers last week, within minutes she had five willing and energetic helpers. Without realising it, our helpers are gaining valuable knowledge about how to teach, and through this, they are, in fact, also improving their own technique.


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