A Busy Mum’s Guide to Surviving the Dance Year (or any other extra curricular activity!)

As a mum of three, I understand and respect time! A change of time even by 15 minutes can bring down your whole master plan in a matter of seconds. So too can an unexpected rehearsal or class which can pop up from time to time, so here are my top 5 tips to surviving the crazy dance world, or any other extra curricular activity!

Do they have a website? I know that I spend hours at the beginning of each year updating our website to include all important dates or proposed dates that we know of. Jump on and make yourself familiar! You may not need to know the info now, but it will help you know what is where when you need it. Especially helpful sections include Uniforms, Exam Information & Concert Information. Checking for this information before asking questions helps us all manage those crazy busy times. Our website is www.danceworks.co.nz

Do they have a less formal way of communicating? By an App or Facebook? We have both a public identity but also a private page just for parents! Is there an email list you can join? It’s pretty rare that there is nothing to communicate to you as a parent. If you haven't heard anything for a while, look out for these quick communication avenues (Bonus dance specific tip! Check these avenues more often near big events such as Exams and Concerts, we often post last minute information and live updates!). You can find us on Facebook with the DWS Parents Page, and the DWS Common room. You can also download our DanceWorks Studios App!

Most Dance Schools have whole years planned in advance to the finest detail, including a lot of important dates! Does your organisation have a calendar you can subscribe to? We do! You can find it here.

Ask Questions! The only dumb questions are the ones not asked! Many times, you can find the answer on the website, but if you're still lost then definitely contact the administration team as this is the only way improvements in communication can be made!

Pop into the Studio every now and then, and get to know the other parents, admin staff & teachers! They don’t bite I promise! For some reason, dance teachers have been coloured with this old fashioned brush as scary people….we work with children!!! We are not scary, and in most cases you will find Studios to be like another family! Please get involved, it's really worth it.


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