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This class is designed especially for you and your little one to enjoy. Your child will have the opportunity to experience music and movement alongside their parent or carer in a safe and nurturing environment. This gives you the wonderful opportunity to nurture and guide your child through the class, giving them a positive introduction to a structured activity while meeting the needs and expectations of this age group. The classes are focused on creativity and fun and include music, movement, songs, props and storytelling. Giving your child the opportunity to develop creativity, rhythm and musicality, body awareness, coordination, gross and fine motor skills, as well as socialisation skills

Quick Info

Class Day & Time
Wednesday 10.00-10.30 am

18 months - 2.5 years
(12 children MAX)

$5 per class or $45 per term

Class Location
60 King St, PN
this class is in studio 2 (upstairs and past studio 1)

Pink Amelia Tutu from Sugar Plum Fairy Shop

How do I enrol?
Fill out the form below to organise a trial class, we can enrol you after this class at the studio

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