Second to Ballet Jazz is one of the longest standing styles (non traditional/national) of dance, with its roots beginning in America. It is one of the most versatile and common styles of dance often seen in Musicals.

High Kicks, amazing leaps and multiple turns are very common in this exciting style not to mention the theatrics that make Jazz not just fun to do, but fun to watch.


Tan shoes
DanceWorks Molly leo in black with Jade/cerise embroidery
DanceWorks hot pants in black Jade/cerise embroidery
Plain black bootlegs for exams
Optional Linear Crop in Teal Mystique foil

Jazz Bugs
Saturday 9.00-9.30
3-4 years old

Foundation Jazz
Saturday 10.00-10.30
5 years old

Jr Jazz 1
Saturday 12.00-12.45
6 years old

Jr Jazz 1
Thursday 4.00-4.45
6 years old

Jr Jazz 2
Thursday 4.45-5.30
7 Years

Jr Jazz 2 
Monday 3.45-4.15
7 Years

Jr Jazz 3
Thursday 5.30-6.30
8 Years

Elementary Jazz One
Thursday 4.45-5.45
9 Years

Elementary Jazz Two
Thursday 3.45-4.45
10+ Years

Elementary Jazz Three
Tuesday 3.45-4.45
10+ Years

Intermediate Jazz One
Tuesday 4.45-5.45
10+ Years

Intermediate Jazz Two
Wednesday 5.45-6.45

Intermediate Jazz Three
Wednesday 6.45-7.45


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