Supreme Awards 2015

Most Outstanding: Cici Zheng
Most Promising: Emma Bedford, Selena Ton & Nicola Sutherland-Smith
Excellence in Exams: Sonali Singh
Dedication in Dance: Sonali Singh
Most Versatile: Myah Miranda
Most Artistic: Selena Ton
Most Improved: Nadia Zarman

Ballet .

Sonali Singh
Hannah McDowall

Emma Bedford

Nicola Sutherland-Smith


Cici Zheng

Izzy Jones

Madeleine Rickwood


Jess Linsley

Nicole Doidge

Olivia Jensen

Hip Hop

Grace Berge

Renee Wynad

Bonnie Duff-Edwards


Cici Zheng

Ella Aull

DanceWorks Supreme Awards

DanceWorks Supreme Awards 2013

Most Outstanding: Zoe Gilmore & Luke Cooper

Dedication to Dance: Zoe Gilmore

Most Artistic: Maia Cotton

Most Versitile: Myah Miranda

Most Promising: Maia Cotton

Most Improved: Chaolan Zheng

Higest Exam Mark Over All: Rimu Kiritoshi

High Achivers Awards 2013

Ballet Jazz Tap Contemporary Hip Hop
Sr Zoe Gilmore, Luke Cooper

& Maia Cotton

Zoe Gilmore Maria Reiche Maia Cotton Neecy Fields
Int Rimu Kiritoshi Rimu Kiritoshi Myah Miranda & Caitlin Hodgson Caitlin Hodgson Grace Berge
Jr Nicola Sutherland-Smith Kyla Forsyth Katelyn Ngarotata-Hansen Emma Bedford Brylee Stewart

DanceWorks Supreme Awards 2012

Most Outstanding: Zoe Gilmore

Dedication to Dance: Hannah McDowall

Most Artistic: Georgia Randle

Most Versitile: Rimu Kiritoshi

Most Promising: Daniel Leung-Wai

High Achivers Awards 2012

Ballet Jazz Hip Hop Contemporary Tap
Sr Hannah McDowall Georgia Randle Rimu Kirisoshi Maia Cotton Daniel Leung-Wai
Jr Selena Ton/Rimu Kiritoshi Amiee Dredge Ashton Bell Samara Kells Myah Miranda

DanceWorks Supreme Awards 2011

Most Outstanding: Shai Waitford

Dedication to Dance: Hannah McDwall, Georga Shortall & Hannah Hawley

Most Artistic: Georgia Randle & Hannah McDwall

Most Versitile: Daniel Leung-Wai

Most Promising: Rimu Kiritoshi, Maia Cotton & Zoe Gilmore

High Achivers Awards 2012

Ballet Jazz Hip Hop Contemporary Tap
Sr N/A Georgia Randle Rimu Kirisoshi Georgia Randle Megan Wilson
Jr Selena Ton N/A N/A N/A N/A
Here are a few of my former students who have gone on in their training to full time schools in pursuit of a professional career.

Emma_Martin.jpg Emma Martin

Emma came to me at the age of 12 to learn her first Lyrical solo, having already had extensive training in ballet she was looking to branch out in to the contemporary world. By the time she learnt her first Contemporary solo it was evident that she had a maturity well beyond her years and a passion for dance that only a few possess. After many years working with Emma and after watching so many of her very moving performances, Emma auditioned for the New Zealand School of Dance as a Contemporary Major. Emma has now successfully completed her 3 years of training and is now working professionally.

551140_491819917533129_1334322429_n.jpgZoe Gilmore

Luke_1_edited-1.jpgLuke Cooper