Tinkerbell & Swan Lake

Dates: December 9 & 10
Time: 5.30pm (Dec 9) / 2.00pm (Dec 10)
Venue: Regent on Broadway
Tickets: Available from November 1st at Ticket Direct

This year's concert is 'Tink & Swan Lake'. We would love you, your family and friends to come and support your children in this wonderful production.

Watch this space for this years poster!

Who is in what Act?


Act 1
S1 Opening

Dandelions & Chimney Sweeps

S2 Have you ever wondered

S3 Welcome to Pixie Hollow

S4 Tinker Village
All Tap & Highland

S5 The Fairies
Mist (formerly called Dew Drops)

S6 Vidia
Nature Fairies

S7 Lost Parts
Nuts & Bolts & all things lost

Act 2

S1 The Queen's Inspection, Fairy Mary & Pixie Dust
Pixie Dust

S2 Water Fairies
Water Fairies, Water 

S3 Light Fairies
light & Glow bugs

S4 Fawn
Blue Birds

S5 Tinkering
Nuts & Bolts

Act 3
S1The Sprinting thistles
Thistles & Sunflowers

S2 Saving Spring
Lady Bugs

S3 Spring on the Mainland
Snow & Sleepy Squirrals 
Representatives of all classses

S4 Return of the Ballerina

Swan Lake

All Senior levels of Ballet, Jazz, Hip Hop & Contemporary

Past Concerts

2016 Aladdin
2015 Sleeping Beauty
2014 The Nutcracker
2013 Cinderella
2012 Swan lake / Dance Tails / Citius . Altius . Fortius
2011 Dancing on Art

Concert Dates

2018 - December 8 & 9
2019 - December 7 & 8
2020 - December 5 & 6 or the week later no confirmed yet