Tinkerbell & Swan Lake

Dates: December 9 & 10
Time: 5.30pm (Dec 9) / 2.00pm (Dec 10)
Venue: Regent on Broadway
Tickets: Available from November 1st at Ticket Direct

This year's concert is 'Tink & Swan Lake'. We would love you, your family and friends to come and support your children in this wonderful production.

Who is in what Act?


Act 1
S1 Opening

Dandelions & Chimney Sweeps

S2 Have you ever wondered

S3 Welcome to Pixie Hollow

S4 Tinker Village
All Tap & Highland

S5 The Fairies
Mist (formerly called Dew Drops)

S6 Vidia
Nature Fairies

S7 Lost Parts
Nuts & Bolts & all things lost

Act 2

S1 The Queen's Inspection, Fairy Mary & Pixie Dust
Pixie Dust

S2 Water Fairies
Water Fairies, Water 

S3 Light Fairies
light & Glow bugs

S4 Fawn
Blue Birds

S5 Tinkering
Nuts & Bolts

Act 3
S1The Sprinting thistles
Thistles & Sunflowers

S2 Saving Spring
Lady Bugs

S3 Spring on the Mainland
Snow & Sleepy Squirrals 
Representatives of all classses

S4 Return of the Ballerina

Past Concerts

2016 Aladdin
2015 Sleeping Beauty
2014 The Nutcracker
2013 Cinderella
2012 Swan lake / Dance Tails / Citius . Altius . Fortius
2011 Dancing on Art

Concert Dates

2018 - December 8 & 9
2019 - December 7 & 8
2020 - December 5 & 6 or the week later no confirmed yet

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